Ban Ki-Moon

Ban Ki-moon: Use of chemical weapons in Syria not proven by conclusive evidence

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki0moon said that deploying more weapons will not improve the situation in Syria, and that the use of chemical weapons in it hasn’t been proven by conclusive evidence, stressing the need for a field investigation into this matter.

In a press statement on Friday, Ki-moon said that there can be no discussions of the value of any information on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria in the absence of an evidence database.

He added that the main goal is still conducting a thorough, independent and impartial investigation, which is why he insists on conducting a field investigation in order to collect sample and verify facts.

Commenting on the US decision to provide weapons to armed groups in Syria, Ki-moon stressed that there can be no military solution for the crisis in Syria, noting that selecting a military course would fragment the country and escalate sectarian tensions.

The Secretary-General said the UN is working hard with Moscow and Washington to hold the Geneva conference as soon as possible.

He stressed that the credibility of information on the use of chemical weapons cannot be guaranteed without conclusive evidence, voicing confidence in the skill and professionalism of إke Sellstrِm, the head of the UN committee for investigating reports of chemical weapons in Syria, and his team.


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