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Retired Shia Brigadier, three family members killed in Rawalpindi

A Shia Brigadier (retd) Dr. Sikander Ali Malik was killed along with his wife and two daughters in Gulistan Colony, Rawalpindi, The Shia Post reported Tuesday.

His son was also injured during the firing.

Immediate medical aid was provided to him, and his condition was reported as out of danger. However, he is still unable to give a statement.

The two daughters were reportedly asleep when they were killed.

After they were informed of the incident, the hospital administration and agency personnel arrived at the scene.

An investigation into the incident was under way. The four bodies have been sent to CMH Rawalpindi.

Martyr Sikandar Ali was Trustee of a Imambargah / Hussainia. He was also key ally of Dr. Muhammad Ali Naqvi who was founder of Imamia Students Organization Pakistan.


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