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Deobandi terrorists attack on Ashura Procession in Rawalpindi; 50 injured | The Shia Post

Deobandi terrorists attack on Ashura Procession in Rawalpindi; 50 injured

A mob of Wahabi terrorists attacked on Rawalpindi procession of Ashura targeting peaceful Shia-Sunni Muslims who gathered to commemorate day of Ashura.

According to details, at least 50 mourners were injured after the pro-Taliban Deobandi terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhagvi opened fire near main Muharram procession at Fawara Chowk of Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi, The Shia Post reported.

The situation soon got out of hand and the army was called in. Commissioner ordered to impose a curfew in Rawalpindi.

The cloth market in Rawalpindi has been put on fire by Deobandi terroristsof SSPand LeJ.

Terrorists also manhandled press photographers & broke cameras.

Political leaders from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and other parties are currently holding a meeting with security officials at the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) building to come up with a solution for the law and order problem.

6000 police personnel are on duty in Rawalpindi to ensure security for the procession moving from the Aashiq-e-Hussain Imambargah. Medical camps have been set up along the route as well.

Security forces on Friday have taken extraordinary measures to quell terror threats and to ensure the safety of tens of thousands of mourners in the major cities and towns where Muharram processions are taking place.

The clampdown yesterday – in line with the government’s promise of ‘foolproof’ security – was, for the most part, thorough and unrelenting.

Though situation still remains tense in the area, the mourners taking part in the procession proceeded towards their destination. A policeman was harshly beaten by some of provoked people.

As recieved as posted;

Ashura k Jaloos k Root par Mojood Sipah e Sahaba (Dehshatgard) Masjid Ghullam-Ullah K Khateeb Ney Loudspeaker Ka GhairQanoni Istemal kia..Oar Jumma tul Mubbarik k Khutba main Yazeed ko Razi allah Kaha oar Imam Hussain a.s Ki Zat e Aqdas Par Tuhmaat Lagai ..Jis k Bad Azadaran e Mazloom e Karbala Ahelsunnat oar Ahelytaseeh Brothers Ney Masjid Intezamia sey request ki k Loudspeaker Ka Ghalat istemal na kia jaeye magar Kisi ney tawajah na di jis par Moamneen sarapa aehtjaj ban gaye..Moamneen K aehjaj par Masjid ki chat sey pathrao kia geya ..Jis k Bad Jaloos e Aza Maidan e Jang ka samma paish krta rha.

According to details, a Yazidi Friday prayer leader of Deobandi Masjid Ghulamullah was inciting the supporters making a pro-Yazid and anti-Imam Hussain (AS) hate-speech.

As soon as the Ashura procession that began from Colonel Maqbool Imam Bargah, reached Fountain Chowk Kashmir Bazaar, the Yazidi terrorists and fanatics hiding inside the mosque opened firing upon the azadar (mourners).

Many of their abettors were standing on the rooftop of Taleem ul Quran seminary that began pelting the mourners with stones. That caused a stampede and in the meantime, the terrorists abducted some of the mourners including Shiites and Sunnis. The abductees were taken inside the mosque where they were burnt alive.

The Yazidi terrorists then stormed into the Colonel Maqbool Imam Bargah and ransacked everything there and finally put the building on fire. They continued their terrorist activity till the late in the night during which they also set a cloth market on fire in which at least people lost their lives.

At midnight, the terrorists put Qadeemi Imam Bargah on fire where the mourning procession had earlier ended peacefully.

District Hospital Rawalpindi
1 Syed Dawood Zaidi d/o Syed Ali Raza 23
2 Raja Zeeshan s/o Khalid Mahmood 21
3 Malik Mubashar Haider s/o Atta Muhammad Haider 35
4 Tariq Shah s/o Maloom Hussain 18
5 Faisal Abbas s/o Riaz Hussain 21
6 Naveed (Police) 24
7 Altaf (Police)
8 Nazakat (Police) s/o Wali Mohammad 40
9 Ayaz Sher Ahmed 35
10 Abbas Rafiq 21
11 Arif Shah Mohammad 30
12 Shan Ali Ghulam Abbas
13 Shayan Zafar Iqbal 19
15 Syed Shifaat Hussain Naqvi 40
20 Ghulam Rasool Abbas 20
21 Saqib wajid Ali 18
22 unkown 35Benazir Hospital (Central Hospital)
23 Irfan Haider 18
24 Arsalan Qamar 21
25 Ali Akhter 12
26 Hasnain 20
27 Zain 26
28 Aitzaz Hussain 19
29 Zameer 23
30 Ghayoor Abbas 30
31 Hasnain 15
32 Zubair Mohammad Yamin 21
33 Noor Ali Rizvi S/O Shoib Ali Rizvi

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  1. Let us be honest. It looks this time it was opposite to what described. Terrorists are mostly deobandis but vice versa is not true. We should condemn killing & arson irrespective of sect & any bias.

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